Rich Farms, LLC - Other Crop Farming

Rich Farms, LLC - Other Crop Farming

Interested in learning more about Eco-Rich Farms, LLC? Here is the information you need.
This company offers farming services for other crops. You can also find out more about
Contact. You can learn more about Other Crop Farming at Eco-Rich Farms, LLC. It is located
in California. The following contact information is listed for your convenience. Getting in touch
with them is easy and free. They will be happy to answer your questions.
Eco-Rich Farms, LLC
In addition to being an Aquaponic farm, Eco-Rich Farms is also certified Natural. They raise
Tilapia to fertilize their plants, and beef that is grass fed and finished with lettuce. This gives
the animals and the crops a great taste, and the farm is located in a rural area, so you'll enjoy
the fresh air and beautiful surroundings while eating local food. To learn more about what they
do, visit their website.
The company is located in Greenback, Tennessee, and has five employees. They generate a
total of $255,523 in annual sales. Please note that these figures may differ slightly from what's
listed on D&B Hoovers. Listed below are some of the key facts about Eco-Rich Farms LLC and
what they offer their clients. A brief description of what the company does:
The agent of RICH FARMS, L.L.C. is M. RYAN RICH. The company has three officers: BLAKE
RICH, JOHN RICH III, and MICHAEL RICH. Each has a specific role within the company. This
contact information is estimated, and may vary from what is listed on the company's D&B
Hoovers profile. Please note that contact information for companies may not reflect the actual
information of the principals.

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