Lexia Customer Health Journey And Experience

Jennie Tober works for Lexia Learning Systems as Senior Manager, Customer Health. The company was founded in 1984,

Lexia Customer Health Journey And Experience

Jennie Tober Discusses Her Lexia Customer Health Journey and Experience

 Education company. She is part of the Marketing Department's Customer Experience team. Currently, she is based in the United States. Read on to learn more about her role and experience with Lexia. She also discusses her journey as a Lexia customer. Tober works hard to ensure that her team provides excellent customer service to all of its customers.

Lexia is a structured literacy expert

As a global company focused on literacy, Lexia offers a full spectrum of solutions to help learners become fluent readers, writers, and speakers. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet the needs of every student, from preschoolers to adults. And we offer them both individually and together, so you can tailor your learning experience to suit the needs of any student. We are dedicated to providing the best customer experience and continue to be the industry leader for learning-based learning solutions.

Lexia has worked with educators and education-based companies to help them create engaging and relevant learning experiences for their customers. In fact, it's the most popular learning platform for young students worldwide, and we are the most trusted partner for teachers of all levels. Our mission is to empower educators to make a positive impact on their students' lives by helping them become more effective readers and writers. With over 25 years of experience, we know that learning is our business.

Dedicated to making education accessible to everyone, we are passionate about supporting educators who want to help children become successful readers and writers. And as we grow as a nation, we also have to keep up with the changing needs of the world. That's why we've partnered with Lexia to offer more educational materials to support educators. Their products address the needs of every learner, from struggling readers to adults with a range of learning disabilities.

Lexia helps more learners read, write, and speak with confidence

Lexia is a global company that develops innovative digital tools that help learners learn to read, write, and speak confidently. Their products and services help students improve their literacy skills and achieve success at school and in life. They have been used by more than 5.5 million students from 3,000 school districts in all 50 states. They are an integral part of many schools' literacy programs, and have won numerous awards.

In order to help Lexia continue to grow, the company has brought on a Senior Education Advisor to the company's Educational Partnerships team. This new role requires an expert grasp of the entire Lexia portfolio and will be responsible for supporting the company's sales team. They will serve as a thought partner in district-level conversations and serve as a subject matter expert for Lexia Learning.

Lexia English helps students build their English language proficiency through academic conversations. Lexia focuses on students' unique assets and skills, such as their ability to speak, listen, and understand. Lexia users achieve more than nonusers on the ELPAC oral domain than nonusers of the program. They score 18 points higher than non-Lexia students. Lexia English is available on the web and as an iPad app. Google Play store versions are planned for later this year.

Lexia is available in over 100 countries

Meritas is a global alliance of law firms comprising 8,000 lawyers in over 100 countries. The organization is well known for its international reach and special quality control process. Since 2016, Lexia has been the representative of Meritas in Finland. As a Meritas member, your student will have access to Lexia's products in over 100 countries. The alliance has a wide range of educational software and services.

One of the best features of Lexia is that it provides individualized practice for each student. Lexia is 100% student-paced. Students get weekly goals and are assigned academic level-appropriate tasks. Teachers can see how well their students are progressing and identify any areas where they may need additional help. Additionally, Lexia offers online support for teachers. Teachers can get help from the company's experts and learn from other students' experiences.

Among Lexia's many benefits, Core5 is a technology-based literacy program that aims to help students build advanced and fundamental literacy skills. The program is designed for students in pre-K to 5th grades and follows rigorous standards for college and career readiness. The most recent expansion of Core5 includes support for upper elementary grades, over 200 new Lexia Lessons and 100 new printable Lexia Skill Builders. These innovations further strengthen the powerful blended model of Lexia.

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