Garage Door Repair - Common Problems

The good news is that many of these problems are fixable by an experienced garage door repair specialist. Read on to learn more about common issues and when it’s time for a repair.

Garage Door Repair - Common Problems

Garage Door Repair - Common Problems

It’s common for garage doors to break down over time. A broken door is a safety hazard and may allow pests into your home.
The good news is that many of these problems are fixable by an experienced garage door repair specialist. Read on to learn more about common issues and when it’s time for a repair.

Broken Spring

If your garage door spring is damaged. You should contact a professional straight soon. This is because a broken spring may be quite dangerous. Especially if you are unable to handle it securely and appropriately.
A competent technician may repair a damaged garage door spring with a new one. Yet, it is critical to recognize that this is a challenging process that needs particular equipment and knowledge.
Torsion springs are more difficult to repair than extension springs. Which run down the track on each side of the door. Torsion springs, which are coiled around a bar above the door opening. Need the use of specialized tools and can be quite dangerous if not handled properly.

Broken Cable

If your garage door seems to be struggling or operating strangely, it could have a broken cable. A broken cable can send a shockwave of tension into a torsion or extension spring. Making the door difficult or impossible to open.
This can cause injury to people who try to operate it without professional assistance. Refrain from using the door until a professional can evaluate it.
Typically, cables consist of several strands of stainless steel wire twisted together to remain pliable. They usually last a long time without incident. But issues such as rust or faulty bearings in a pulley may accelerate wear and tear.

Broken Roller

A broken roller is a common problem that can cause your garage door to not work properly. This is because a functioning roller is vital to the entire functioning of your door.
The rollers on your garage door are responsible for supporting the weight of your door as it moves up and down its track. However, over time they can wear out and break down.
Often, this happens because of forceful impacts or a lack of lubrication. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed with a little bit of know-how and some elbow grease.
Before attempting to repair your rollers. Make sure you disconnect all power and check the tracks for damage or lose bolts. This is especially important with electric doors.

Broken Track

A broken track is a big issue for any garage door. It can cause the garage door to fall, posing a serious safety risk.
Sometimes, it can even lead to an accident. For example, if a vehicle runs into the door, the force can cause the door to come off its tracks.
If your garage door is off its track, it’s best to call a professional. If you try to repair it yourself, you may cause more damage and make the problem worse.

Broken Hinges or Deadbolt

Hinges are small parts that keep your garage door securely in place. And provide stability to the entire door frame. When they are broken or worn out, the entire system can become ineffective.
The hinges also act as a pivot point, helping to distribute the weight of the door and ensure it opens up properly. If you notice your hinges have become broken. It is best to fix them before they cause additional damage to your door and frame.
If the problem is minor, tightening the screws on each hinge may solve it. If not, you may need to shim or sand down the hinges, enlarge the strike plate hole, or move the strike plate slightly.

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