Electrical Services For Homeowners and Businesses

Electrical Services For Homeowners and Businesses

Electrical Services For Homeowners and Businesses

Electrical Services For Homeowners and Businesses

Regardless of the size of your business or home, you need Electrical Services when it comes to installing or constructing a new electrical system. This is important for both onsite power supplies and feeder connections. The following are common electrical services for businesses and homeowners. Let's get started:

Electrical panel rewiring

Rewiring your electrical panel is a good way to increase the safety and energy efficiency of your house. Besides saving money, replacing your circuits also prevents overloading and house fires. If you're an experienced DIYer, you can even tackle the task yourself. Just make sure to ask your electrician for the best way to complete the task and minimize miscommunication. Then, you can save money by tackling the drywall repair and painting yourself.

Changing circuit breakers

Changing circuit breakers in an electrical panel requires a bit more care than most people might think. First, you must be aware of the dangers of doing it yourself. Changing a breaker can be hazardous because live electricity is still coming through the power lines outside the home. So if you are unsure of how to safely change a circuit breaker in your electrical panel, call an electrician. Changing circuit breakers yourself can cause a fire and could endanger your safety.

Replacing bus bar

Before you can replace your bus bar, you should label all the wires in numerical order. Then, remove the old bus bar by unscrewing its mounting screws. You should then replace the old wiring with the new one by reinstalling it into the slots of the bus bar. Make sure to remove all screws that are holding it to the panel. Then, replace the panel cover and turn on the main breaker to power the circuit. Before proceeding with the job, make sure that there is no electricity running to the breaker box. If you touch a live wire, it could be deadly.

Rewiring a small 3-phase load

Before you start, you should understand what a three-phase power system is all about. Three-phase power systems differ from single-phase systems in that the three-phase wires alternate at the same frequency, but each one is delayed by 1/3 of its rotation. Therefore, a three-phase wire always has a forward and a reverse current, and no two wires will ever carry the same amount of current.

Repairing arc faults

An arc fault is a sudden discharge of high-energy electricity in an electrical circuit. This kind of problem is extremely dangerous because it can ignite flammable materials around it. Often, a faulty installation or work by a non-certified electrician is the cause of arc faults. Too many electrical appliances or devices plugged into a circuit at once can also cause an arc fault. Moreover, a tripped circuit breaker may cause an arc fault as well.

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