Choosing ARTIFICIAL GRASS For Your Property

Choosing ARTIFICIAL GRASS For Your Property

Choosing ARTIFICIAL GRASS For Your Property

ARTIFICIAL GRASS is a green alternative to natural turf, a perfect solution for busy cities with little space to grow grass. Artificial grass requires little maintenance, such as mowing or watering, making it an ideal option for Perth's busy CBD. It can also be installed on roof terraces or balconies, giving office buildings in the business district a green, natural look. But there are certain things to consider before choosing an artificial grass installation for your property.

Viva Grass

Viva Grass is an official dealer of Royal Griss(r) in Perth, Western Australia. As a supplier and installer of artificial grass, they use only the best products available. Perth has a hot climate and a water policy that is difficult to keep up. Artificial grass looks fresh year round without watering, making it the perfect solution for Perth's climate.

All Seasons Synthetic Turf

The best synthetic turf in Perth is made by an Australian company called All Seasons Synthetic Turf. Unlike ninety percent of synthetic turf, this turf will last a minimum of ten years, making it a great choice for families and sporting clubs alike. All Seasons Synthetic Turf in Perth services all metropolitan areas. The company's extensive range of synthetic turf products is perfect for all your needs, whether you need a lawn for a poolside, front or backyard, or something in between.


The most natural-looking artificial grass in Perth is Prima-Natural. With its light olive and tan blades, this synthetic turf looks more like the real thing. It is ideal for larger lawn areas and verges and looks good anywhere! There are several advantages of Prima-Natural. Here are some of them. This product is made from sustainable, renewable resources.


If you're looking for a long-lasting, eco-friendly synthetic turf that mimics the look of a lush, green lawn, VIRIDIAN ARTIFICIAL GREEN from Tauro Turf is a great option. This grass features a C-shaped blade and a high stitch rate, making it more durable than other synthetic turf products. Plus, it's made in Australia!


When it comes to natural-looking lawns, synthetic grass in Perth is the solution for many. The harsh Australian weather is difficult on natural grass, and the upkeep of natural lawns is a huge pain. Perth has very few natural lawns and those that are there are often patchy. In addition to the upkeep, synthetic grasses require very little water and require little maintenance. For this reason, Perth residents are increasingly choosing to install artificial grass.

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