Amrood Tree or Guava

Amrood Tree or Guava

Guava is also called Jamphal or Amrood. The scientific name of Guava is Psidium guajava and it is an evergreen shrub or small tree in the family Myrtaceae grown for its edible fruits. It produces solitary white flowers and berry fruit. The guava fruit is a national favorite and is obtained from a guava tree. Guava is widely available all through Pakistsan and is also available all year round. Guava tree grows up to the height of almost 30 feet and is one of the easiest trees to grow and maintain. Guava tree requires well-drained soil and fertility. 

Guava is usually developed all through Pakistsan for its delicious sweet fruits. Also, the Guava tree is one of the best fast-growing shade trees in Pakistsan for warm climate gardens. Generally, Guava trees begin fruit production 3 to 4 years after planting and yields range from 50 to 80 lbs (23–36 kg) or more per tree per year. It does not ripen off the tree and it can be difficult to distinguish when the fruits are ready for harvest. The best indication is a color change from dark to light green color and the development of some yellowing on the fruits. Fruit must be harvested every 2-3 days to prevent fruit from becoming overripe. For best flowering and fruit production, the Guava tree needs any soil with good drainage and full sun. Guava trees are tropical to sub-tropical and can achieve 20 feet in height. They have shelter from freezing winds, even in sunny warm climates where occasional icy temperatures occur.

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