Amla tree

Amla tree

Amla tree is a gift to humanity. It is a greenish-yellow fruit with 6 stripes on it. It is sweet and sour at the same time and it is loaded with all sorts of vitamins and health benefits. For growing Amla tree, well-drained and loamy to light heavy soil that is deep and rich in organic matter is required. The waterlogged and clay-rich soil is detrimental and should be avoided; the same is the case with too sandy soils.

Amla an Ayurveda medicine that is known as the gift of nature for humanity is also a fast-growing tree. It is a greenish-yellow color fruit that has six vertical stripes on it. Regular and abundant watering is essential at the young age of three. It doesn’t require regular and frequent watering once it established. Though, you can water the plant during the period of active growth or in drought-like conditions in summer. For a mature tree, watering 2 to 3 times a month in the summer season is sufficient. In any case, water stagnation should be avoided.

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